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We’ve worked hard to make our SDK very easy to integrate, giving you full control over the integration through our dashboard and made it fault-tolerant and very safe. Our memory footprint has been carefully tuned to be as small as possible. One of the many things you’re going to like about this SDK.

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1. Drag & Drop the SDK
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2. Release App Update
circle ab test
3. Run A/B Testing

Getting Started

Getting started with PacketZoom has been designed and engineered to be simple and straightforward. You can integrate the SDK into your app in minutes. No other changes to your app, to your infrastructure configuration are needed and there's no additional hardware to install or software to implement.

You always have full control over PZ Mobile Expresslanes in your app through our dashboard where you'll be able to

  • Turn PacketZoom on or off without having to rebuild or redeploy your app
  • Conduct A/B tests to see performance with and without PacketZoom
  • Control what content goes through PacketZoom acceleration
  • You'll have unprecedented operational monitoring and control to manage your app performance

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