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PacketZoom Mobile Expresslane

The PacketZoom Mobile Expresslane is an in-app networking solution customized for each end user.

By removing roadblocks in the mobile last mile, PacketZoom is able to significantly accelerate the performance by 2x to 3x, rescue up to 80% of the sessions from TCP connection drop and reduce CDN costs.

5 ways PacketZoom improves your apps

Throughput Optimization

PacketZoom makes better transport layer decisions, by factoring in mobile specific parameters such as network type, connection latency, throughput, packet loss and signal strength.

Session Assurance

by controlling both ends of the wireless communication, allowing a better handling of session interruptions, PacketZoom provides uninterrupted mobile sessions for your mobile users even while traversing multiple access points and networks.

Global Network Knowledge Engine

by storing last mile information about the performance of global mobile networks, PacketZoom enabled apps save time they would otherwise spend on network discovery, eliminating slow starts and requests for reconnects and retransmits.

Fail Forward

stability and reliability always come first! PacketZoom will always make sure data is able to be delivered in all circumstances, and will transparently fall back to your app's default networking in case of an issue.

So even if we fail, your app won't.

Smart Cache

in-app and edge-server caches that reduce the round trips to your CDN and servers to deliver content faster. All PacketZoom caches are fully controlled by your DevOps team and can be adjusted in real time from anywhere.