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Product Features

PacketZoom Mobile Expresslane offers the following Services

Network Analytics and Monitoring

  • PacketZoom SDK has a unique view of the network traffic from the app.
  • This allows our monitoring infrastructure to combine fine-grained information about network usage of your app (including from third party SDKs) combined with detailed knowledge about networking conditions around with globe to provide detailed monitoring and timely alerts about the user’s experience.
Network Analytics and Monitoring

Example: Request failures by Host

Static Content Acceleration

  • PacketZoom offers the fastest way to download static content from the origin server or CDN edge server much faster than legacy TCP/HTTP based stacks.
  • This is made possible by combining multiple groundbreaking techniques to reduce round trips over high latency and error prone mobile/wifi connection.
  • Another unique feature of the PacketZoom stack is support for rescuing sessions from broken connectivity.
  • This results in a hugely reduced rate of transfer errors compared to what is accepted as usual by mobile developers today.
  • In addition to a superior networking protocol, PacketZoom stack uses intelligent caching on server and client sides while providing unprecedented control over client side cache evictions.
Static Content Acceleration

Example: speedup of static content over different network types

API Acceleration

  • If mobile networks present tough problems for static content, they are downright painful for dynamic content.
  • In particular, broken sessions due to mobile connectivity problems are especially brutal on dynamic calls where the server might have long think-times along with higher chances of a dropped connection.
  • PacketZoom stack can alleviate this major pain-point for user experience by rescuing a large proportion of these potentially broken connections.
  • All this of course comes with the usual speed improvements driven by the highly network efficient PacketZoom protocol.
DynamoDB API call acceleration

Example: Amazon DynamoDB API call acceleration

3rd Party SDK Acceleration

  • Since the PacketZoom stack doesn’t require any DNS changes to operate, our SDK can intercept any type of http request/response originated by the application, including requests to 3rd party domains for both static and dynamic content.
  • This functionality allows the application owner to take control over the overall application experience and not let 3rd party service slow down the app performance.

Ads Acceleration

  • Ads are by definition dynamic (non cacheable) content and represent a special case of 3rd party acceleration as the content resides on external ad network servers.
  • PacketZoom static and dynamic content capabilities enable a new and unique capability to accelerate both the dynamic call to the mediation service as well as the download of the creative assets (image or video ad)
Ads Acceleration

Example: AdColony (an Ad Network) acceleration