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Networking for Mobile Apps

A protocol-based service, built for mobile.
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"Downloading additional content assets were always a challenge for our mobile games until PacketZoom was put in place. By shortening the download time, PacketZoom’s technology reduced the drop-off rate during the download process, and brought our players a better user-experience in our games."

- Louis Jr. Lor, Project Lead @ Frenzoo
"Integration was a snap! We were able to integrate the SDK within an hour."

- Dan Ogles, CTO @ Proletariat
"PacketZoom's protocol technology has been able to deliver speeds for our content delivery that we did not think was possible with traditional solutions"

- Carlos Matsumoto, Lead Software Engineer @ Voltage Entertainment USA
“We tried several solutions in the past but we were either unimpressed or unsuccessful. We have 69M installs of four games worldwide and about 2 million monthly active users. As the demand for HD quality graphics grows in the mobile space, so do the sizes of our games and subsequently the need for us to stream content from the cloud. Streaming takes time and adds friction to the first load experience. PacketZoom helps remove the friction and avoids compromising the quality of our games. Initial download times are now faster and the visual experience and quality of the graphics in our games improved as well. We see less players leaving before ever really experiencing the game. Sitting and waiting for content to finish loading now takes seconds and in this day and age, seconds is about as much patience as players can muster.”

- Victor Rubba, CEO of Fluik Entertainment.
2-3x Faster
PacketZoom's protocol uses bandwidth more efficiently than HTTP/TCP.
Transfers continue after network disconnection.
Anytime Control
Real time control of SDK after deployment. A/B test, control app traffic, filter URL types.
5 Min Integration
No server code. Drag and drop SDK integration. No keyboard required.
Built for mobile. Built for speed.
// Yeah, we’re serious. See for yourself.
// Seeing is believing. Watch these head-to-head videos.*
* These videos were created in the PacketZoom lab - we don’t currently work with any of these developers. We picked them because they are examples of great apps who are using current industry best practices to make their app as fast as possible.
5 Min Integration
1. Add SDK
2. Pick your content
3. See download speed up